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Thursday, November 30, 2017

        Prince Akishino 秋篠宮文仁親王殿下

November 30,  birthday of Prince Akishino.

I respectfully offer my congratulations.

We Japanese wish that he will be the next Emperor.

Princess Kiko, Princess Mako(the eldest daughter), Prince Hisahito (the eldest son)
Princess Kako(the second daughter) is studying in the UK now.


Princess Laurentien and Prince Akishino, Princess Kiko in Nagasaki


Grand Duke Henri and Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg in Japan.

The state banquet at the Imperial Palace.
Princess Kiko
Princess Mako
👸Princess Alexandra, so lovely💖 


......So sorry😰

Empress Michiko, Do not grab the Princess' s elbow!
Always, always..., For anyone ...😠
(It is not because she has a weak leg.
Even now she can play tennis for two hours.)

I think I'm really sorry for her behavior.🙇
We really feel embarrassed about her behavior.

Friday, September 29, 2017

The pride of Japan「日本の誇り」 Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko in Chile.

Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko are visiting Chile from 26th September.






It is difficult to find their pictures in Japan.
There are few photos and no reports.
Even though they are doing international goodwill.
It is also rude to Chile.

They will not be reported much in Japan as usual.😞😢
😠Because the media is the anti-Japan forces(the anti-Japan organization) which is near to  Empress, Emperor, Crown Prince and Princess!😠